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Unique Outdoor Experience

The Clear Creek Outdoor Education Camp is a facility owned and operated by Alpine School District. It is used during the school year by elementary and secondary school groups throughout Alpine School District who conduct outdoor education and team building experiences for their students. During the summer months the facility is used exclusively for the fifth grade Clear Creek Summer Camp program. The camp is located two miles south of the town of Scofield on Utah State Route 96.

Engaged Student Learning

IMG_4069Using the Clear Creek Outdoor Education Center as a base of operations, groups from all over Alpine School District, from all disciplines, and all grade levels from fifth grade up, conduct a variety of school-year programs for students throughout the fall, winter, and spring months. These programs are organized and directed by the teachers and administration of the participating school. During the months of June, July, and August the Clear Creek Summer Camp program provides a five-day outdoor education experience available to students from every elementary school in Alpine School District during the summer after fifth grade. The summer camp program is organized and directed by appointed directors and a team of experienced certified teachers.


Our camp gets its roots from an outdoor education program started at Central Elementary School in the 1940s. Between 1940 and 1960 summer outdoor education camps were held at various locations. The program grew to be so successful that a regular annual summer camp was established. In the 1960s summer camp was conducted using leased buildings in the historic mining town of Clear Creek, nestled in the Manti-La Sal mountains about five miles south of Scofield Reservoir. In 1973 property near Clear Creek became available for purchase from Questar (then Mountain Fuel) with six houses and a large maintenance building.  The houses were repurposed as dormitory cabins and the maintenance building was outfitted to serve as a kitchen, dining, and large assembly facility. This new permanent home was ready for groups of students in 1974.  Alpine School District has used the same buildings and grounds since then, expanding the year-round use of the camp facilities. Today over 7,500 students participate in various programs at the camp each year.

Clear Creek Summer Camp Mission

The summer camp program is exclusively for students during the summer after fifth grade and who reside within the boundaries of Alpine School District. The summer camp program supports Alpine School District’s mission by helping students gain an appreciation for the natural resources of our nation and state and a basic understanding of the historical sacrifices made to secure them.



At Clear Creek Summer Camp we help children build confidence in themselves, while providing them with memorable outdoor learning opportunities.


We believe that as students work with others in an outdoor setting, they learn to appreciate the importance of preserving and maintaining our natural resources. We also believe that they gain self-confidence and an increase in independence as they build positive relationships away from home with new friends in a beautifully diverse, secluded, safe, and historically rich environment.


  1. Through teacher-led presentations, Clear Creek

 Summer Camp students will gain a deeper appreciation for our nation, its heroes, and its symbols

  2. Through investigation of local historic sites and primary source documentation, students will learn about the sacrifices and stamina of the men, women, and children who lived during industrial revolution that catapulted the United States into the modern world.  They will demonstrate this knowledge in debriefings and other group discussions.
  3. The various outdoor experiences offered to our students will introduce them to the identification and classification of trees, shrubs, rocks, aquatic macroinvertebrates, local wildlife, flowers and other range plants.  They will demonstrate these skills through group games and activities, journaling of observations, and assembling personal collections.
  4. Students will gain an appreciation for the natural environment around them and insight into ways to enjoy, wisely use, preserve, and conserve it.
  5. Through the use of team-building games, recreation, small-group hikes, skits, and challenge activities, students will build important social skills and begin to understand how to successfully interact in collaborative situations.
  6. Every student will leave camp with new friends, new knowledge, and impactful memories.

Driving Directions

  • Travel southbound on Interstate Highway 15  (I-15).
  • Turn off on Exit 258 to Price and Manti (Eastbound US Highway 6).
  • Travel approximately 43 miles on Highway 6 to the Scofield and Clear Creek turnoff.
  • Exit right onto State Road 96 at mile marker 216.
  • Travel on State Road 96 for approximately 16 miles.
  • After traveling past Scofield Reservoir, proceed through the town of Scofield.
  • State Road 96 will make a sharp right turn as you enter the town and then a sharp left after crossing the railroad tracks.
  • Continue south on State Road 96.
  • Entrance to Clear Creek will be on the right approximately 2 miles past the town of Scofield.
  • Upon arrival, please check in at the office in the large main building. If no one is there go to the caretaker’s home, the first white house closest to the main building.

approximate driving time from Orem: 1 hr. 15 mins.

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Interested in working at Summer Camp?

Camp counselor applications for high-school students (ages 14-18) will be available on the link below beginning March 8th. The application window will close March 22nd.

Clear Creek Camp Counselor Application

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